Health, Safety & Environment

Environmental Protection Policy

Teine Energy Ltd. is committed to conducting petroleum exploration, development and production operations in a manner which maximizes the potential of reserves while minimizing the short and long-term environmental impact of operations.

It is the policy of Teine Energy Ltd. to:

  • comply with environmental laws and regulations applicable to its operations;
  • ensure that potential hazards to the environment resulting from Company’s activities are considered in the planning process and identified during operations in order to mitigate concerns and/or apply corrective action;
  • inform employees and contractors of Company policies and provide or require the training and equipment necessary to meet these policies; and
  • develop policies, emergency response and operating procedures required to minimize the occurrence and consequences of potential environmental incidents.

Teine Energy Ltd. is committed to implementing and upholding the required standards of care for prevention, remediation and reclamation necessary as a result of its operations.

Health & Safety Policy

Teine Energy Ltd. is committed to providing and maintaining a safe work environment for the health, safety and welfare of our staff, contractors, visitors and members of the public who may be impacted by our operations.

Teine Energy Ltd. will be responsible for seeking every reasonable means to provide a safe work environment, employ personnel with the skills, training and equipment required to complete their jobs in a safe manner, and use practices and procedures which meet or exceed the current regulatory or recognized industry standards. Teine Energy Ltd. encourages the active involvement and support of its employees in promoting and carrying out an effective safety program. Management and supervisory personnel will have direct responsibility for ensuring these objectives are met.

All employees or contract workers involved in its operations of Teine Energy Ltd. are expected to assume responsibility for performing every job in a manner that safeguards not only themselves but their fellow workers. This can be accomplished by ensuring adequate preparation, following proper practices and procedures, and exercising sound judgment and common sense. Equally important is the responsibility of every employee or contractor to immediately identify and report unsafe working conditions or inadequately trained or equipped personnel to a Teine supervisor or management. Persons who are responsible for the work activities of other employees will be held accountable for:

  • identifying practices and conditions which could injure employees, clients, members of the public or our environment;
  • implementing steps to control such situations; and
  • if unable to control such practices and conditions, reporting these to their superiors.

Teine Energy Ltd. seeks the maximum voluntary cooperation of its employees and contract workers, based on a strong sense of personal responsibility. It is the Teine Energy Ltd.'s policy that the failure to actively participate in the Safe Work Programs is grounds for termination of employment.